What people are saying!

A & S Tyndell – Alaskan Cruise 09/2022

I want to thank you for such an enjoyable trip and to commend you on all the little details that you so flawlessly took care of for all of us.  Thanks again, and hope to travel with you again in the future.

D Ward – The Holy Land, Israel 04/2022

Thank you for helping me to get to the Holy Land! I am still overjoyed and reliving every moment. God is good! It was the trip like no other. The love overflowed amongst us and around us. I was embraced by all. My heart says yes. What an experience! I am still resting and getting back to normal. Continued blessings until we meet again in September.

C Pinckney – The Holy Land, Israel 04/2022

I enjoyed myself so much and look forward to travelling again with you in the future. So sorry to hear about your accident and hopefully there are no physical repercussions. I also look forward to watching the CNN series about Jerusalem, it was so much to absorb and I know I missed some important aspects.

Thanks again for everything, it was an enjoyable experience.

B Elliott – The “Tina Turner Musical” on Broadway – 04/2022

I just wanted to let you know I enjoyed the trip to New York. Everything was nice, the people were very friendly. The snacks were good and of course the show was wonderful. The movies and the music on the bus were great too. I hope to be able to travel with you again. Thank you for a wonderful memory.

D & R HALE – COVID-19 PANDEMIC – 7/2020

Hi, we think about you often and hope that all is well. Also wanted to say THANK YOU, thank you, thank you for your travel services. During the time of isolation Darnell and I spent hours talking about our travels with you. All the wonderful people, places, things…..!!! What memories!!!! We miss our ZTEC family and hope all are well. Hope to see you again.


I was thinking about you and praying for you and your family. I know we are going through trying times, but I know God is in control. I see the many items that you are sending out regarding our travels and just wanted to say thank you. You are a caring and wonderful person and a great travel agent. Looking forward to hanging out with you again soon. I know you have our best interest at heart. I know the cancellations have not been good economically. Is there anything I can do to help you? You are continually in my prayers!!! May God continue to bless you and your family. Stay safe and well. Love in Christ.


“The Tina trip, play, attendees, movie, snacks, and of course, the leader were awesome! It’s almost like you handpicked the folks on the bus – very friendly. Thanxxx…


“That was an absolutely wonderful trip. We had such a good time! Thanks for organizing it. The tour guides were awesome and so helpful. Along with the Southern Heritage trip last year, it is a trip that I will never forget. Thanks so much! Looking forward to the next one.”


“Regardless of the mishaps, I really enjoyed the Canada trip. When I think of the trip, I think of the places we visited, the people I met, the food that I ate, and more. So thank you. Some things are out of our control. Please thank Tanya for hosting our bus. She did a fine job.”

M Coles – Response to Thanksgiving greeting 11/2018

“My friend, I’m thankful for you too and I’m grateful for the professional services that you provide for my pleasure. Although I don’t travel with you often, I am always pleased, comfortable and satisfied when I do. I honor you for your generosity towards others and for the selfless way in which you extend yourself so that others can relax and have fun.”

M Hightower – Southern Heritage Tour 09/2018

“The trip was very informative and very inspirational.”

M Nue – Amsterdam 05/2018

“Thank you for orchestrating a well balanced, entertaining excursion to Amsterdam that offered classy accommodations and friendly open-minded people.”

C Hercey- Amsterdam 05/2018

“Oh, Zandra, I really enjoyed myself. You gave us the perfect balance of free and structured time. The hotel was perfectly situated for shopping, dining, and touring. Thanks for all you do so well.”

A Jeffries – Windsor, Canada 09/2017

“BTW, the trip to Canada was outstanding from beginning to end. The “tone” of any trip is set from the outset by the leader. Your leadership skills allowed a diverse group of people to interact with each other in a respectful and friendly manner, including the driver and step-on guide. I thank you for going the extra mile to accommodate Phillip. He said it would have been perfect if you had injected a lil magic in the casino so that he could win a big jackpot!! Oh well, guess you’ll just have to polish your magic wand next time!! Looking forward to NY and future trips with you.”

T Calvert – Windsor, Canada 09/2017

“I’m still re-living the last trip, especially the Underground Railroad experience and meeting the descendants of some of the initial slaves!! This cannot be beaten. I hope you plan it again after the Motown Museum addition has been completed.”

G TYLER – NEW YORK, NY 06/2017

“Sorry that you didn’t or couldn’t travel with us. Your hosts did a great job and they were very friendly. Told the gentleman (Sam?) that I would report to you. First time for my daughter & cousin. Of course, we will travel again, but need to plan better for trip like Saturday (on-your-own). Please continue to keep me posted.”


“Thank you for acknowledging receipt of registration form and initial payment for the 2018 Amsterdam trip. You make traveling to great locations effortless and an enjoyable experience. It’s a pleasure to travel with you and the group.”


“Avis & I enjoyed our outing with ZTEC today. Everything from the fellowship, lunch, show, and the bus ride were very nice. When I tell friends about trips I take with ZTEC, everyone wants to get on board as well. Following are names of two ladies who would love to be on your customer email distribution list:”


“It was a pleasure meeting and traveling with you to Cuba. You did an amazing job and couldn’t have asked for a better cast of travelers. Thanks for the list of trips and look forward to booking and traveling with you in the near future.”

P Pinkett – The Best of New England 09/2015

“Thanks so much for a very good motor coach trip. I feel you did a wonderful job with the plans. I really enjoyed it; very well executed. It was my first trip of that sort. I think you did a great job; would love to travel with you again. The company was very good.”

C Adams – 2014 End-of-the Year Award

“That is very thoughtful and very generous of you to recognize those who support you throughout the year. Your customer service is exemplary. I can understand why people travel with you often.”

C Hercey – Cinderella 12/2014

“Thank you. I just completed my first adventure with you and it will not be my last. It was well organized, punctual, and a good value for my dollar.”

G & W Silas

“We had a fantastic day trip in NYC on 11/22/14. Motown was awesome! Although this was my second time seeing Motown, it was like seeing it for the first time. This was my husband’s first – he enjoyed it immensely. We were impressed with how smoothly the travel experience went — you did an exceptional job. We look forward to traveling with you again. Best wishes for a lovely holiday season!”

V Marco – 11/2013

“I wanted to take a minute to tell you that the trip to South Africa with your Travel Company was ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL! My sister Vera and I thoroughly enjoyed the detailed itinerary. I know that if I planned a trip on my own, there is NO WAY that I could have seen so much! I feel like I have experienced something that will last a lifetime. The parade and the day at the school in Mfuleni were so heartwarming! I know that you are not looking for any type of recognition for what you contribute, but you truly have made a difference in the lives of those 2,500 children at the school. What may seem like second nature is such a big deal, and my hat is definitely off to you. That just blew me away! I was delightfully exhausted after this trip! What a fantastic way to spend my first days of retirement! Looking forward to many more.”

T Glenn – 10/2013

“Thank you for an outstanding trip, I thoroughly enjoyed it (London). Your attention to details did not go unnoticed especially to someone who has done conference management. I am looking forward to our trip next year.”

V. Hollingsworth – 07/2013

“Thank you for such a well organized and informative “meet and greet” for the Senegal-Gambia 2013 trip. Very nice! Your African accents (e.g., napkins, mints, plates, background music, etc.) were really special touches. The door prizes appeared to be thoughtfully selected … I didn’t get one, so I cannot speak to this for sure :-). Thank you for the mini-flashlight and luggage tags too.”

F. Mitchell – 06/2013 “The Trip to Bountiful” on Broadway

“Hey, and just to add to your list of accolades, you are a great travel agent, everything well planned and thought out. We had a great time, I am referring you to all of my friends.”

W. Gaines – 05/2013 “Motown: The Musical” on Broadway

“I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how much I enjoyed your trip to NY. This was my first trip but will definitely not be my last one. I had a great time. I was on the second bus. Dee was a great hostess!! Thanks again for the enjoyable trip.”

V Smith – 04/2013

“I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the way “You” planned the experience of “Motown the Musical“. I enjoyed every moment. Hopefully, you recognize the fulfillment your business brings to the lives of those who travel with you.”

L Brown – 12/2012 Christmastime in the Cities (AC & NYC)

“My mother, my daughter, and I really enjoyed the trip. Your niece and her husband were very kind and professional at all times, all the while, making everyone feel really comfortable. I look forward to traveling with you again!”

L Jefferson – 07/2012 Broadway

“Just returned from the trip to see “Streetcar” on Saturday, on Bus 2. I wanted to let you know, it was beautifully put together. What a great job you and your staff did. We really enjoyed it. Thank you.”

E Leverette – 03/2012

“Thank you for a wonderful experience in South America. We made it back to Los Angeles without difficulty. I learned a lot and met some really interesting people. It is unforgettable.”

S Randall – 10/2011 Cross Country Train

“As always, thank you for making my travel experience one of the best. I truly appreciate all the work you do in preparing and planning our trips. I had a wonderful time.”

P Fleming – 10/2011 Cross Country Train

“Zandra, I want you to know that the trip was WONDERFUL. I enjoyed it so much, and I want to thank you so much for your guidance and leadership. Someone asked me in church Sunday how the trip was and I had to tell her she missed a great one.”

C Grose – 10/2011 Cross Country Train

“I had a wonderful time, and met wonderful people. I have told other people about how organized you are, and about the nice hotels you put us in. I was very pleased with the hotels.”

P Baxter – 05/2011 Savannah, Beaufort & Jekyll Island

“I want to thank you for such a wonderful experience, the trip was Great…your kindness and warmth is greatly appreciated and a true Blessing. I do look forward to traveling with you again.”

B & J Clemons – 05/2011 Savannah, Beaufort & Jekyll Island

“John and I truly enjoyed the trip, you were the hostess with the mostest (smile). The experience was far beyond what we expected. Please add us to your list of satisfied travelers as well-pleased first timers but not last timers. Zandra, as the kids say, “YOU ROCK.”

S Bean – 04/2011 UNITY

“You did an extraordinary job in organizing our trip to NY. I really enjoyed it. In fact, it was one of the best trips I’ve ever experienced. It made me feel like royalty.”

G J Austin – 09/2010 Mediterranean / GREEK ISLES Cruise

“Thank YOU, Thank YOU. It was a fantastic trip, made even more enjoyable by the many people who helped me. The whole group was wonderful and cohesive. You are one in a million – What an organizer. Jean has told me for years how organized you are and how wonderful your trips are. Thanks again and God Bless.”

A White – 8/09 Chicago

“Your hospitality and coordination was professional, considerate and fun, resulting in one of the most enjoyable group trips that I have taken. Thank you!”

P Thomas & M Brewster – 6/09 Cape Cod/Martha’s Vineyard

“‘Thank You’ once again for a wonderful trip! You are the best travel agent I have had the pleasure of knowing! A fantastic lady also! Keep up the great work and we’ll see you soon!”

L Chichester – 12/08

“Just wanted to let you know that Bertha and I enjoyed the Soweto Gospel Choir (Strathmore Theatre) and LOVED our seats!!! Good Job!”

A Shipman – 11/08

“I want to take the time to thank you and to commend you on a job well done on putting together the Springtime in South Africa trip. You did a wonderful job and I would travel with you again. Your communications prior to and during the trip were excellent. Thanks again for a fabulous experience.”

W Cauthen, Jr. – 8/08

“Many kudos to you for the outstanding recent trip to Canton, Ohio for the Hall of Fame Installation of two of our Redskins. Your professional attitude, plus attention-to-detail made for a pleasant charter excursion. The hotel was very nice; tailgate parties were fantastic; the game itself was the culmination of an outstanding weekend. Your driver did an outstanding job, also. His bus was exceptionally nice and clean… Thanks again, and we hope to travel with you again in the future.”

James & Tony – 8/08

“We really had a great time in Canton. The trip was very well organized. You deserve two thumbs up. Please keep us on your e-mail list.”

J Harris – 7/08

“My mother and I really had such a nice time (in Canada)… we’ll never forget you for making it happen for us…”

A Allmond – 4/08

“I just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed the trip to N.Y. on Saturday, April 12th to see, “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”. You are very professional and I felt everything was in good hands – very comfortable. Thank you for a nice mini get-away trip.”

M Alfred – 4/08

“Your trips are so well organized and entertaining. I love going on them. Had a really great time in New York.”

A Nesbitt – 2/08

“Not only did I walk away well entertained, with the rhythms and sounds of the performance (Step Afrika!) but also with a HUGE sense of pride for all of the well-educated, young, black men and women. Thank you for that opportunity.”

A Thurman – 8/07

“You did it again — you planned another great trip! I enjoyed Montreal and Quebec and the fellowship of everyone in our group. You know, I didn’t go on vacations before I found out about ZTEC! I always look forward to trips you have lined up during the year.”

C & J Ferrette – 6/07

“Thanks for a wonderful trip. It is such a pleasure traveling with you because everything is done, we just have to show up. I really enjoyed meeting the other travelers as well.”

J Carter – 9/06

“Just a line to tell you how much I enjoyed myself Saturday night at Tobys. The ladies on the bus were charming, the food at Tobys was quite tasty, and the play was awesome. I look forward to traveling again with you on other ventures.”

C Thorpe – 9/06

“My friend traveled with you this past Saturday to see The Color Purple and she enjoyed the play and she was very happy that you were concerned about everyone on the bus.”

C Ferrette – 9/06

“Thanks so much for a good trip to see The Color Purple. We really enjoyed ourselves. I look forward to traveling with you again.”

L Clifford – 9/06

“Want to let you know I had another wonderful time traveling with you….Just loved it, and the show was simply awesome.”

A Thurman – 8/06

“I am so glad you planned this cruise. It was an awesome trip and Bermuda is such a very beautiful island. Thank you so much!”

F Campbell – 8/05

“Now about the weekend. It was great!!! I truly appreciate you taking us on this trip and above all, thanks for being so patient with us amateurs…The whole excursion was definitely worth the price!”

LB Gray – 8/05

“Sis, you made it possible for me to go someplace I have always wanted to go – Alaska. I was not disappointed. Everything about the trip was great including the flight to Vancouver, our 2-day stay there, and the cruise to different ports in Alaska. Awesome scenery everywhere we went. Great job!!! “B Oliver – 8/04

“Z, thank you so much for coordinating the two week cross-country train trip. It allowed us to spend quality time visiting several cities – Chicago, Albuquerque, Vegas, LA, and Kansas City, MO – and to meet new friends. How very relaxing it was to sit back and watch the beautiful scenery roll by!!! Thanks again for a well-planned trip. Where are we going next?”B Matthews – 11/03

“I feel fortunate to have gone on a week-long cruise to the Southern Caribbean with ZTEC. The ship departed from Puerto Rico and went to Aruba, Curacao, St. Maarten and St. Thomas, VI. It was a fantastic voyage! Each island gave us something different & exciting to see, and memories to last a lifetime.”